Social Display screens display content from social networks such as Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube and Google Photos .

Show your branding and online content on in-store displays to communicate more effectively with your customers through social media.

One of the key functions of retail media in brick-and-mortar stores is the immediate promotion of new products. With regular content management programs, you need to create new content and update as needed. Smooth content updates are the key to effective retail advertising.

Social Display by Ducrepit are screens based on the Android platform connected to your brand’s social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Photos), which display content in real time. It’s a new way for you to actively engage your customers in social and media events with hashtags.

When content is published by customers, the published image may not be in line with the brand’s corporate values.

  • Inappropriate Content Filtering: Unlike your official media content, content generated by customers with your brand’s hashtag may include inappropriate text or images. It is necessary to filter these posts. Social Display offers whitelisting and blacklisting, as well as content editing tools.
  • Portrait Rights / Copyright Review: All copyrights and rights to portraits of any social media content belong to the person who created and uploaded the post to the platform. When displaying such content on your own retail media, you must follow the instructions below and respond carefully.

How to properly display user-generated content, for example from Instagram:

  • Publicly announce through your website and Instagram that all public posts can be used commercially if contributors submit using the designated hashtag (#)
  • Identify your brand’s unique hashtag (#) as well as other hashtags, such as #event, #productreview, and encourage contributors to use them in their posts
  • Avoid any content that may expose the participant’s personal information or may infringe copyright
  • Make sure that if someone removes the content from Instagram, it will be reflected on your social screen in real time

Social media content compatible with Social Display

  • Twitter: Use short messages to demonstrate fast communication with customers
  • Facebook: Show off your promotions on Facebook
  • Instagram: Instagram photo and video elements make it more suitable for retail media compared to other text social media
  • YouTube: Compile a list of YouTube videos that you want to play on social display screens
  • Google Photos or Google Drive: You can view your photo album from Google Photos or Google Drive

Social network in cubes

The social network in cubes is a square display that helps stores and stores communicate between the brand and its customers. With a high-resolution display (1920 x 1920) and an Android player inside, Social Networking in Cubes is a comprehensive solution that is optimized for Instagram content.

The matte IPS display does not burden the eyes and is pleasing to the eye. The solution can be easily customized to better express the identity of a particular sales area, in the form of a digital frame, cube and display on a board, which also serves as a storage shelf.

Screen as an image

Dynamically change the content on the display at the reception, in the lobby or in the hallway to highlight your seasonal events or time-limited offers, along with appropriate accessories.

The picture / photo frame type display can be arranged together with printed picture frames and other forms of widescreen display, which form the decoration of your store with each other.

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