Electronic visual medium consisting of LEDs on a clear foil, thus creating a transparent and shapeable LED screen.


  • Light and thin
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Technical and aesthetic difference
  • Can be installed on glass or wall
  • Observation distance: 20m ~ 100m
  • The film can be bent and cut in segments, so it can be installed in any size on any (even curved), not just translucent surface



  • Eye-catching effect
  • Ads give the impression of art


  • Installation on uneven surfaces is possible thanks to the flexible structure of the film
  • Easy, simple and fast installation
  • Easy and low cost maintenance


  • Reasonable price of the module and installation
  • High durability
  • Efficiency

Solution components

The computer-generated video content is connected to an HDMI master controller, which is then connected to a receiver and driver that projects the video content onto a transparent LED film. The power supply of the driver is from a 230V source.

Model name SF-TLM-M480-30 SF-TLM-M300-18 SF-TLM-C480-30
Chromaticity monochrome monochrome full color
Element size 479 x 477 mm 309 x 300 mm 482 x 482 mm
LED resolution Matrix 16×16 Matrix 16×16 Matrix 16×16
LED pitch 30 mm / 30 mm 18 mm / 18 mm 30 mm / 30 mm
Thickness 0.948 mm 0.948 mm 1.25 mm
Luminosity 1,000 nit 1,000 nit 4,000 nit
Permeability >65% >65% >65%
Shading <10% <10% <10%
Operating voltage DC, 14 V DC, 14 V DC, 14 V
Energy consumption 12.6 W 12.6 W 12.6 W

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