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BuTouch is a touch brush designed for drawing on touch screens.
Lets you create artwork on smartphones and tablets.


24,99 excl. VAT
  • 29.99 € with VAT
BuTouch brush in hand

Drawing with a digital brush without water.

The BuTouch digital paintbrush slides effortlessly across the screen.

No worries about scratches and screen cleaning.

You will fall in love with digital painting.

BuTouch drawing over smartphone


  • BuTouch digital paintbrush can draw on all types of touch screen products, such as smartphones, tablets, readers, …


  • brass ferrule
  • plastic handle
  • synthetic hair (capacitive bristle)

No batteries

  • it does not need recharging or batteries and can be used by anyone, regardless of age

Anywhere, anytime

  • there is no need to carry art instruments; you can draw a picture anywhere and anytime using your electronics touch screen and BuTouch stylus / brush
  • you can draw instantly without losing inspiration
BuTouch boxes
Screens with BuTouch drawings

The BuTouch Professional digital paint brush with with conductivity-driven tip is available for Galaxy, iPhone, iPad and all types of touch screen products.

Microsoft Surface outline

Microsoft Surface

Samsung Galaxy outline

Samsung Galaxy

Apple iPad outline

Apple iPad

Kindle Fire outline

Kindle Fire

Android smartphone outline

Android smartphone

Apple iPhone outline

Apple iPhone

Existing touch pens available for mobile devices have a tip made of silicone, but BuTouch is developed in the form of a brush.

BuTouch is manufactured and compatible with a variety of drawing applications, which is very useful for anyone who likes to draw with a brush and smartphones or touch screen electronic devices.

App Sketchbook icon


App ibis Paint X icon

ibis Paint X

App Picsart Color icon

Picsart Color

App ArtFlow icon


App Infinite Painter icon

Infinite Painter

App PaperColor icon


App Paint for Kids icon

Paint for Kids

App Tayasui Sketches icon

Tayasui Sketches

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App MediBang Paint icon

MediBang Paint

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a touch phone.

BuTouch brings the ability to paint on a digital device anytime and anywhere, on the go, at home, as a hobby or for professional purposes.

BuTouch skeleton
BuTouch presenter

BuTouch was created with the mission to bring the benefits of digital drawing to the world, regardless of age or level of artistic ability. From children to seniors, from beginners to professional artists, everyone can experience the joy of digital painting.

No difference, it is suitable for everyone.

BuTouch artist
BuTouch work