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Monitor the baby’s breathing, rollover and diaper fullness in one device.
Alerts you at respiratory arrest, rollover, or diaper change.


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AKOiHeart breathing monitor

Respiratory detection alarm

“I can’t sleep peacefully at night because I’m constantly worried about my baby.”

AKOiHeart monitors the baby’s breathing and small movements for 24 hours. When your baby stops breathing for more than 10 seconds, AKOiHeart will send an alarm to your smartphone.

AKOiHeart controls your baby’s gentle breathing rhythm 24 hours a day. If your child’s breathing condition cannot be detected within 10 seconds, the alarm will be sent to your smartphone immediately.

AKOiHeart breathing monitor

Rollover alarm

“I’m afraid my baby can’t raise his head yet.”

Babies often try to overturn before they can keep their balance. There are pillows that prevent overturning but do not guarantee 100% safety. AKOiHeart will immediately send you a real-time alarm when your child flips up to 120 °.

AKOiHeart helps prevent an accident if your child does not keep his head up or wakes up at night. When your child rolls over 120 °, AKOiHeart will send an alarm to your smartphone.

AKOiHeart breathing monitor

Diaper full alarm

“My baby has a diaper rash. Isn’t it important to repack it quickly?”

When a child has an atopy, eczema, rash or sensitive skin, it is important to diaper the baby immediately. When your baby pees, the alarm will be sent to your smartphone (also available for cloth diapers).

AKOiHeart helps prevent diaper rashes by alerting you when you need to change your diaper. When your child pays, AKOiHeart will send an alarm to your smartphone.

When your baby is in danger, AKOiHeart will let you know.
The child can’t speak, but AKOiHeart does. When the parents are asleep, AKOiHeart guards your child.
AKOiHeart constantly monitors your baby and informs you when danger arises.

AKOiHeart breathing icon

AKOiHeart is a breath monitor

AKOiHeart rollover icon

AKOiHeart is a rotation monitor

AKOiHeart diaper icon

AKOiHeart is a diaper monitor

All three functions in one compact device

AKOiHeart mom with baby

Technical parameters of AKOiHeart

AKOiHeart is a child care device, not a medical device. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Product components main sensor, cradle, charging cable, instructions for use
Dimensions 3.9 x 2.6 x 0.9 cm
Power supply rechargeable coin cell battery LIR2032, lasting 7 days
Work environment Temperature from 0 ° C to 45 ° C, humidity 10 %-85%
Communication interface Bluetooth
AKOiHeart app

AKOiHeart is safe to use …

It is made of safe materials so that all parents feel comfortable.

… because it ‘s made for babies.