We are Ducrepitu. We bring the world’s unique products to the Central European markets.
In addition to distribution and sales to end customers we also provide services
like solutions design, installations, trainings and technical support.

Projection screen paint

Projection screen paints for glass, wall and floor are – simply paints. Paints that turn an ordinary window, wall or floor into a presentation screen. Using a projector, you create an amazing and eye-catching picture of any size and shape that attracts customers and passers.

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Multimedia Players

Multimedia players (playing pictures, videos,…) designed for digital signage, with the size of the palm, connected to the Internet, allowing convenient management of the broadcast content on multiple sites from one central location.

Media players are usable in combination with projectors (and projection screen paints), TVs, monitors, LED panels and any other screens.

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Stylus for mobile phones and tablets in the form of a brush – a brush designed for drawing on touch screens. Created for the ultimate painting experience on smartphones and tablets.

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AKOiHeart, baby and smartphone

Compact and mobile bluetooth monitor for babies. The tiny device is connected to your smartphone to instantly alert you if something is wrong with your baby. The monitor tracks:

  • heartbeat,

  • child rollover,

  • diaper fullness.

AKOiHeart mom with baby
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A wireless presentation technology that converts any surface (wall, table, projection screen, TV) to the touchscreen, allowing you to collaborate interactively in real-time, even at a distance.

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Transparent LED Film Display

Transparent LED wall is a product for visual communication generated by light emitting diodes installed on a translucent foil in the matrix structure. The distances between the LEDs are 15, 18, 30 or 60 mm respectively. In combination with the appropriate software, you can see any of the images, whether mono-color or full-colour.

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Digital Menuboards

  • Bars, restaurants, cafes

  • Fitness and Wellness Centres

  • Retail Stores

  • Healthcare Institutions

  • Educational institutions

  • Corporations

  • Events

Special displays designed for digital signage, remotely operable over the Internet. Narrow shelf Displays, square displays, cube displays, TV or tablet size displays.

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Social display

Social Display is a new concept of retail media solution that displays content from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Social networks content is displayed in retail stores on displays in real-time, allowing for non-traditional and efficient communication with existing and future customers.

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Videowall offers an original solution that combines displays of different shapes and sizes to present content in an atypical way.

Each screen shows videos or pictures that are automatically rotated and cropped to fit the screen size.

In short, Videowall allows you to display atypical multivísion without having to edit the content.

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